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Online Applications

For additional information about applications, please continue reading below.

Application Requirements
**Incomplete applications will be turned down. If something doesn't apply to you, please enter "N/A". **No Refunds on application Fees **

Proof of Identity

A Photo ID such as:

- passport

- drivers license

- identification card

Proof of Income

- 2 most recent paystubs and/or

- Copy of SSDI/SSI benefit letter and/or

- Child support statement and/or

- Most recent taxes (if self-employed)

Application Fee

$20 application fee paid online, or with money order/cashiers check or cash if applying with a printed application.

Sample Documents

To view our Privacy Policy, click here: Privacy Policy

To view a sample Rental Agreement, click here: Sample Lease_012320

To view sample Nonstandard Rental Provisions, click here: Nonstandard Rental Provisions_SAMPLE

To view sample Nonstandard Rental Provisions for Marathon City MHC (Marathon, WI), click here: MCMHC Nonstandard Rental Provisions_SAMPLE

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