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Work Request

If this is an emergency, Please call 715-350-7173 and press option 2 to be connected to a team member.

Emergencies can include, but are not limited to:

  • no heat in winter months

  • no running water in winter months

  • water leaking that cannot be contained in a bucket overnight

  • a running faucet that is using a significant amount of water (pouring water, not dripping)

  • water spraying everywhere

  • wet carpet near the water heater

  • a sudden drop in water pressure

  • noise that is disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of the property

  • threats to the safety of yourself, house members, or other residents (9-1-1 first)

  • a house on fire (9-1-1 first)

  • smelling a gas leak

If you are not sure if we will think it is an emergency, but you are uncomfortable waiting until morning, please call us.

For non-emergency maintenance, please fill out the contact form below, or call the office during business hours to report your maintenance request.


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